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Quality Management System & Policy

The quality policy of “SUPRA CHEMICALS” is to produce Bulk Drugs and Intermediates of supreme (Supra – The Best) quality. The efforts are made to produce products of better than the best quality. This is a continuous process of up-gradation of technology & improving the in-house quality standards.

While making efforts on this aspects we neither ignore the safety of men working in the organization nor the conservation of the Environment.

The organization is committed to give importance to the proper system, discipline and documentation of procedures and records.

The quality system of the organization is that every individual must know his responsibility to follow the laid down procedures in a very disciplined manner and make proper documentation. The essence of the system is the total control of the quality assurance function on approval of the raw materials, intermediates and the finished products, through the approved specifications and procedures, with authority to reject any material not conforming to the quality standards. The quality system also does not allow any change or deviation from the laid down procedure unless validated through a series of events like suggestion, discussion, approval by formal decision or on collected data.